Elegant dining chairs

When we hear words like dining room or kitchen, we immediately think of delicious food, meeting family, a big table and comfortable chairs. This is where we spend a lot of time and want to make sure that in that space we can experience the highest level of comfort. 

In this entry, we present some models of chairs that would be ideal for your dining room and kitchen. 

The first model is the Albion upholstered chair. Its shape shows that a chair can be stylish, elegant, very classic and simple in its form, all at the same time. Interesting stitching on the backrest emphasises its unique character. It looks very impressively and will allow you to create a truly surprising arrangement. Velour upholstery fabric is available in various colours. Have you been dreaming of having grey chairs or chairs in red colour? All of those shades, and more, are available in our store. 


Our second recommendation is Giza upholstered chair. It has a very interesting, bucket shape and it’s definitely a model that stole your hearts. You love it most of all for its versatility. Giza chair will work great not only in a dining room, but would also be perfect as a kitchen chair. Its simple, but at the same time elegant form offers you many possibilities. The colour scheme includes fashionable velour fabrics that are incredibly stylish and very practical. Its legs are made out of beech wood, which is strong and stable. You can also choose between various frame colours; we have for example legs in light or dark oak wood. 


Our third model is Felton upholstered chair. It is a comfortable chair that will work perfectly in both a kitchen and a dining room. Our customers tell us that you also like using this model as a desk chair. Fashionable colour scheme, interesting, but at the same time very classic shape allows you to use this chair model in many different arrangements. You could choose blue chairs for your dining room, but we also have kitchen chairs in dusty pink. Stitching elements on the backrest definitely emphasise the style of this model as they add a touch of elegance and modernity. 


Fafa dining room chair is a piece of furniture that was very popular last year. It is a very versatile chair that can be used in either dining room, kitchen or living room. You also choose it as a comfortable chair for your home office. The pleasant to the touch fabric is felt imitation. Pastel colours will warm the room and add plenty of unique character.  


Sonitag chair surprises you not just with its form, but also with its generous colour scheme and a wide choice of leg colours. Decorating your dining room requires a lot of attention. Meal times are important element of our everyday life and we know that meals eaten with our loved ones are priceless, which means that comfortable chairs are truly essential. Soft seat and well-profiled backrest will allow you to enjoy every moment spent with family.  


Barto chair is one of our favourite chairs. The character of this piece of furniture is always surprising to our customers and it will transform any space. It has stylish quilting on the backrest, while the shape is very unconventional and unique. This velour chair is a perfect option for modern and classic living rooms. The chair brings to mind retro style, which is still very popular when it comes to decorating your living rooms. This wooden chair in retro style could really shake things up in your room, but in a positive way. 


Those are only some of the chairs that you will find in our store. Our offer is very generous and everyone will definitely be able to find something suitable. Wooden upholstered chairs are very fashionable and definitely the most comfortable ones among all models available on the market. Pleasant to the touch upholstery fabrics are important elements of each model. Velour, weave or perhaps felt? With our help, you’ll be able to create a dining room of your dreams. You can take care of your kitchen and living room, knowing at the same time that our chairs are so versatile that they can work in any room. Stay tuned and visit our blog regularly. We want to inspire you and showcase our furniture. We believe in what we do and we are happy that you are with us.