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Sofa Beds

For most people, the sofa is the focal point of the home. If you’re looking for great design and comfort, but need practicality too, then why not choose a sofa bed. Offering a seating area in the day and a place to sleep at night, they really are a most versatile piece of furniture. Our sofa beds are upholstered in the highest quality fabrics in a wide choice of colours, so you can be assured to find the perfect match for your style and interior décor.  

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Items 1-36 of 60


Comfortable sofa beds for the living room

The sofa in the living room holds a central position and serves as the focal point of the entire house or flat. It is where we spend a significant amount of our time, engaging in multiple interests and enjoying moments of calm and relaxation. The comfort and functionality of a sofa are paramount, where all the needs of household members need to be considered. Sofa beds are designed to maximise space efficiency, as they do not take up as much room as a conventional bed. Some sofa beds even provide additional storage space for a duvet or other bedding, adding to their practicality. The versatility of a sofa bed allows it to serve multiple purposes. During the day, it provides a comfortable seating area for enjoying coffee with friends or relaxing with a book after work. In the evening, it transforms into a bed, enabling you to accommodate guests or have an extra cosy place to sleep when needed.

Whether you have a preference for a modern or classic style, there are various types of upholstered sofa beds available in our collections, to cater for different tastes and interior aesthetics. Retro sofa beds with fold-out backrests can add a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to the living room, while elegant classic design sofa bed can blend seamlessly with the decor to provide both visual appeal and comfort for sleeping. With so many options available, you can find the perfect piece of furniture to suit your specific needs. 

Multi-functional sofa bed for smaller living spaces

When furnishing smaller spaces such as apartments with open plan living, careful planning and consideration for a functional layout are important. Create a comfortable and inviting living space without compromising on style and comfort. Functionality is a crucial aspect when it comes to choosing a sofa, especially in small interiors where space optimisation is key. A sofa should not only look beautiful but also meet the needs of all household members. In small spaces, a sofa that provides a comfortable place to rest and relax during the day, while also serving as a bed at night, can be a valuable addition. Sofa beds are particularly useful in such situations, as they offer a dual-purpose solution, saving space and money too. 

Many of our customers opt for sofa beds because they offer versatility and practicality. The popularity of sofa beds in multifunctional living rooms is understandable. They offer the flexibility to accommodate both family members and guests comfortably. When the need arises, the sofa bed can be easily unfolded to provide a cosy sleeping space. While most homes may only need a sofa bed occasionally for overnight guests or family occasions, others rely on it as an everyday sleeping option, especially in homes where there is no separate guest bedroom. In these instances, a comfortable corner sofa bed is a great option for the primary sleeping area, maximising the functionality of the living space.

Small sofa bed - the ideal solution for a child's room

Designing a child's room can be a challenge, as children often desire a space that allows for play, freedom, and plenty of room to create their own little world. When dealing with limited space in a child's room, opting for a small sofa bed is an excellent solution, and offers multiple benefits. Firstly, it saves space compared to a traditional bed, allowing for more room to accommodate their play area and other furniture. The versatility of small sofa beds ensures they can serve as a comfortable seating area during the day and a cosy sleeping space at night. In our collection, there are plenty of models available that are suitable for children's rooms. These small sofas are designed with classic forms, ensuring they can easily fit into various interior styles. The unfolding systems of these small sofa beds are designed to be highly functional, fast, and quiet. This makes it convenient for parents and children to transform the sofa into a bed and vice versa effortlessly. Additionally, the variety of fabrics and colours allows for customisation to match yours and your child's preferences and the overall room decor.