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Chaise Longue/Daybeds

If you are looking for a comfortable place to relax during the day, then take a look at our range of chaise longue and day beds. This is a piece of furniture which negates the need for a separate chair and footrest, as it stylishly performs both needs in one. Relax after work, by fully stretching out with a book, or whilst watching a movie. Ideal for a living room or bedroom to add a functional need, as well as offering a beautiful focal point to your interior. Our store offers the choice of a chaise longue or day bed in different sizes, colours and styles, so everyone can find the perfect piece of furniture for their home.

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7 Items

What is a chaise longue?

The chaise longue furniture shape came to England in the eighteenth century from France and its name is the perfect description. The French name, Chaise Longue, directly translates as ‘Long Chair’, which perfectly describes this piece of furniture – a chair, with a long footrest. The noble classes at the time, were looking to emulate the classic elegance that was synonymous with French interior splendour. They were looking for a piece of furniture, that reflected their wealth and good taste, that they had gained from their European travels. Whilst the Chesterfield style is the one thought of most when imagining a chaise longue, there are now many other modern and contemporary styles available, that offer the same comfort and elegance associated with this piece of furniture. A chaise longue, or chaise lounge, as it’s sometimes referred to, can also be part of a corner sofa, rather than a standalone piece of furniture. This allows you to have the practicality of additional seating in a sofa format, with the added luxury of a chaise at the side, often forming the corner part. 

Whatever style you choose, each one has been specially constructed with a backrest and a long seat. In some designs the backrest curves round to also become the armrest. They all, however, offer the combined advantage of an armchair and footstool. The extended, stable part of the seat gives you the opportunity to fully stretch your legs comfortably, allowing additional relaxation, which is not an option with a standard armchair.  Thanks to this clever design, you can rest on the chaise longue in a semi-reclined position, or even lie down. By having a chaise longue, or daybed in your home, you not only get a comfortable piece of furniture to sit on, but also a place to lay on, whenever you need to. 

A chaise longue is not just for the living room

Looking for an alternative to an armchair with a footstool? The chaise longue in a living room combines comfort and stylish design. This is a piece of furniture that will take up a similar amount of space in the living room as an armchair with a footstool but is often more stylish and a cheaper option. A chaise longue will provide a stunning design feature in a spacious living room or an indulgent relaxation option in a small living room. In our online store you will find a chaise longue or daybed suitable for the living room in a variety of size options, both large and small. Our offer includes a left or right-sided configuration, to ensure you are certain to find a style and size to fit your interior space perfectly.

Although the chaise longue is associated with a piece of furniture dedicated to relaxing in the living room, it will also work successfully in other rooms too. Have you thought about the space in your hallway – a chaise longue makes a great feature, in an often-neglected space – where it can serve as a stylish bench for putting shoes on before you go out, or when you come home. Its comfortable, long seat with supportive backrest will not only look great but help ensure the most mundane of chores is done with ease and style. A chaise longue in a bedroom is also a great location to place this most unique piece of furniture. It is sure to add an elegance to your space, as well as offering a practical seat to facilitate dressing. 

Classic or Modern – a choice of styles for your chaise longue

You can choose a chaise longue or daybed in the style that suits you and interior best. A button back chaise longue is available in our store, and its elegant shape will complement classic interiors and those with a glamourous luxe style. Velvet upholstery adds a refined sophistication to the furniture and a soft and luxurious cosy feel. Depending on which fabric colour you choose, you will get a different look for your chaise longue. Dark upholstery, in greens and blues gives the furniture a traditional look, whereas a soft pink or neutral tones, offer a more modern feel. A simpler form for the chaise, often called a daybed is a better option if you prefer a more Scandinavian and contemporary arrangement. Whichever style you prefer, we are sure it will still give your interior the opulent feel of the original designs, brought back from France 300 years ago.