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The living room is the place where we relax after work, so finding comfortable furniture such as sofas, couches and corner sofas is essential.

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Items 1-36 of 438


Two- and three-seater sofas for the living room and office

When furnishing a flat or a house we try to organise the space in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort for all members of the household. The sofa is the most important element of every living room, as it not only has to look great, but also needs to be practical too. It guarantees treasured moments together with your family in front of the TV and a comfortable relaxation haven after work. 

With so many people working from home now, the increase in home offices has soared and the addition of a sofa in this space has become very popular. Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you don’t need a dedicated area to rest. It gives you a chance to get a break from the computer screen and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee, helping you to restore your energy for the rest of the workday.

It is worth thinking about the best sofa, not only in terms of its visual aspect, but also in terms of its functionality. A great solution for smaller homes is a sofa bed, which will not only make it possible to provide a place for family members to watch a film together but will also guarantee an extra sleeping place for unexpected overnight guests. If we do not have a spare room, then the living room becomes our guest bedroom and therefore a sofa bed is the perfect solution. During the day we can enjoy a cup of tea and read a book, and at night it can be used for sleep and regeneration for the next day. If you have a little more space at your disposal, it is worth thinking about combining two sofas. Two-seater sofas and three-seater sofas can create a super comfort zone with plenty of space for your family and friends when they visit. Soft seats and supportive backrests will guarantee the perfect relaxation for all.


Different types of sofas and couches for large and small interiors

Before buying your sofa, we should consider what we need and what we expect from a sofa. What kind of space do we have and what style we would like to have the sofa in. A Scandinavian style sofa is still extremely popular as it offers a simple contemporary shape, which fits into most home styles. Soft neutral tones blend effortlessly, so it is easy to create a harmonious interior that’s calm and relaxing.

A classic design like the Chesterfield works well in both small and large spaces, especially as in our SLF24 store we have a great range of shapes and sizes. They are distinctive in style and timeless in their design. Their unique button back detailing offers your room an elegance and desirable character. Chesterfield sofas are incredibly comfortable and come in a choice of fabrics to suit your needs – whether that is a beautifully soft and glamourous velvet or a vegan leather that will give you a chic, but classic look.

Retro sofas, by their very nature are classic in style. The distinctive look will add charm and a design led edge to your interior. They are a quick fix to help change your living space in a moment, looking great in large spaces, as well as in a small home office. Retro sofas with their form and often bolder colours guarantee that the interior will be exceptional and unique. 

A great interior design trick, if you have got a small room, is to find a sofa that has longer legs, as this exposes more floor space and therefore gives the illusion of a larger area. Furniture that has smaller proportions will also help, so look for narrow arms and less bulky pieces. For larger interiors, it is best to select larger sized furniture such as corner groups and grand sofas, to avoid the space looking like a waiting room or social communal area.

When selecting the fabric, it is worthwhile looking for a cover that has high abrasion resistance as this will ensure longevity. A sofa that is upholstered in a fabric that is easy to keep clean is also an important consideration. Whilst we all think that we will keep our furniture clean and away from any spills, this can never be guaranteed, and it is good to know that any such accidents can be easily remedied. Practicalities aside, all the fabrics we have available in our SF24 store are selected for their aesthetic qualities too. We know how important it is to have a beautiful, tactile and eye-catching piece of furniture that will become the focal point in your room.


Corner sofas – with or without a bed conversion 

When looking for a sofa for your home, a design that continues to gain in popularity is a corner sofa. They offer great space economy for the maximum amount of seating and can be a less formal option than traditional 2- or 3-seat sofas. The majority of us agree that a sofa needs to be the most comfortable seating choice in their home, and a corner sofa gives you the option to stretch out your legs and recline for the ultimate relaxation experience. Everyone has a different vision of their space, but we know everyone wants to create a place in their home where they will feel calm and comfortable.

Most of our homes now need to work harder than they did even a few years ago, as multi-functional spaces, where any member of the family can work, rest and play. We have had to learn to adapt our way of living to meet the needs of all the household, extended family and friends. One such piece of furniture that we have seen sales grow in, for these very reasons is the corner sofa bed. It offers the luxury of a spacious sofa in the day and a bed for occasional guests at night. We have increased the options we have in our SLF24 store, so whether you are looking for a contemporary sleek unit or a grand Chesterfield statement piece, we are sure you find the perfect piece of furniture to suit your needs.