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2 Seater Sofas

The two-seater sofa is a piece of furniture ideal for smaller living rooms and for bedrooms. A two-seater sofa bed allows you to quickly transform the sofa into a comfortable bed and is ideal for a spare bedroom or child’s room.


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Items 1-36 of 152


The two-seater sofa - ideal for smaller interiors

When choosing a sofa for the living room we should focus on three main things. The first is comfort, and the others are style and functionality. Smaller interiors can be more demanding to furnish and therefore need special consideration. Well-chosen furniture will allow you to appreciate a beautifully decorated living room or guest room. Two-seater sofas are perfect for a smaller living room offering a comfortable place to rest, watch TV or read. The smaller size will allow you to arrange the layout of your interior, achieving the correct proportions to meet the expectations of you and your family. A small 2-seater sofa can be a great addition in a home office, conservatory, or bedroom, but we know from experience that they are also great in commercial interiors, such as hairdressers, beauty salons and waiting rooms. 

Two-seater sofas work well in large living rooms too

If your living room is quite spacious and you are looking to arrange the area for you and your family in the best way possible, then consider multiple sofas, such as two or three 2-seater sofas. This allows you to arrange the furniture to create the best social space for you to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Arranging two sofas opposite each other, or three in a u-shape will give you a highly effective socialising area. 

Sofas for two in an extensive choice of fabrics

Our sofas are upholstered with fabrics which are soft to the touch. They are all selected not just to look beautiful in your interior, but they also have great longevity thanks to their high abrasive qualities. If you want to create a unique atmosphere, then take a look at all the rich colours we have on offer. A deep red, bottle green, or sumptuous navy will all make a statement and focal feature in your room. If you are looking for a more subtle colour choice for your small sofa, a popular option would be grey or natural shades. The fabric choice can also be accentuated by the colour of the legs, whether that is a natural wood, which is fashionable for Scandi style interiors, or metal, which is a more contemporary option. 

Velvet is still very much on-trend and offered in a huge range of colour options, from a restful mink to a vibrant mustard. Linen and wool-like fabrics are classic choices and for those who are conscious of sustainability, there are new recycled fibre fabrics now available. Faux leathers and distressed faux leathers never fail to impress and offer a smart and practical option for your living room furniture. Plain fabrics are great for providing the base for accessories such as cushions and throws. This allows you to experiment more with colour and by tying in the accessories colours with other objects in the room, this will ensure you achieve a balanced and unified look to your interior.

2-seater sofas styles

When choosing what sofa style you prefer, it is especially important with a 2-seater sofa that the design is not too overwhelming for the area. If space is at a premium then it is not only worth looking at the overall size of the sofa, but also note the seat area. Some models of sofas may not offer the most efficient amount of seating space due to the size of the arms. So, if you only have room for one 2- seater sofa in your living room, then look for a model with slim arms, to maximise the seating space. Another point to note is the leg length, as a sofa with a taller leg will expose more floor and therefore create the illusion of a bigger space.

Two-seater sofa beds

A two-seater sofa works perfectly well in a living room or a sitting room, and in homes that have space challenges if you choose one that converts to a bed, it offers you an extra place for overnight guests. A two-seater sofa bed can be used in a guest room, allowing it to be enjoyed in the day as an extra living space and in the evening as a bedroom. Another option for a sofa bed is for a child’s or teenagers bedroom. It is a great versatile piece of furniture that will allow them their own chillout space in the day and evening, and at night as a bed for friends sleeping over.