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Retro Sofas

The design influences from the 1950s, 1960s, and art deco era can be seen in the overall aesthetic of retro sofas, including their lines, curves, and distinctive features. The retro style often emphasises clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold colours or patterns. It celebrates the mid-century modern design principles and the glamour of the art deco period, resulting in furniture pieces that are both timeless and stylish, adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to any interior.

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Items 1-36 of 106


Retro sofas - a perfect match for loft style interiors

When it comes to interior design, there are numerous options to consider. You can create a living room with a calm and neutral colour palette, embodying a subtle and unobtrusive style. Minimalism is a popular choice for modern interiors, but retro elegance and uniqueness can also be captivating. A comfortable and eye-catching sofa is an essential part of any living room decor, offering maximum comfort and a place to rest for all household members. A large vintage-style sofa is a perfect choice in such situations. Vintage sofas bring a unique style filled with elegance, chic, and class to any living room, especially when they are complemented with the right accessories. A comfortable upholstered armchair and footstool is essential in any living room arrangement. Additionally, a sofa bed provides functional versatility, as it can replace a bed, offer an extra sleeping place for guests, or be enjoyed during lazy Sunday mornings in front of the TV.

What is a retro style sofa?

Retro sofas are characterised by their stylised design reminiscent of bygone eras, but often referred to as the design period of the mid-20th century. They often feature simple but elegant lines, particularly emphasised by stitching details on the backrest and armrests. Furniture from the art deco period is earlier in the century and is characterised by refined forms and velvet upholstery but is still often classed as retro. It is often chosen for more glamorous interiors, as it perfectly fits in with metallic accents and slightly exaggerated elegance. Sofas from the 1950s and 1960s with a modernist design have also made a strong mark in the history of design, and current interior design trends still continue to show a resurgence of mid-century furniture. Interiors are dominated by sofas and retro sofas with a light structure, resembling upholstered benches on slender turned legs. Retro sofas come in many stylish iterations, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect piece of furniture for their home.

Vintage sofas for small and large interiors

Vintage sofas add class and elegance to any room, transforming the interior's atmosphere. They can complement both austere arrangements, adding a touch of warmth, as well as living rooms filled with well-chosen accessories and artwork. The classic Chesterfield sofa is an example of such a description. Although originally designed in the 18th century, this type of sofa, is a timeless classic, and therefore still as relevant today as it was 300 years ago. Originally designed to provide comfort to the British aristocracy, it later became the favoured furniture for smart offices, showcasing elegance and refinement. In today’s modern world, our design rules and styles have changed, and this has given us the advantage that good design is available to any one and any space, so a chic and elegant piece of furniture, such as a Chesterfield sofa is perfectly suitable for any home, whether noble or not. 

Luxe and glamour for your living room 

Certain retro designs tick all the boxes if you are looking to achieve a luxe feel to your interior. Design-led sofas in a glamour style can work well in minimalist living rooms, by combining two contrasting styles, which has become highly fashionable in recent years. A retro sofa can add character to modern loft interiors, with the Chesterfield sofa being a perfect choice. Its aesthetic creates an interesting effect with a sofa on shapely legs and a quilted backrest, allowing you to create a unique interior. 

There will always be room for glamour in interiors, and by choosing a retro style sofa, you can add character and elegance. Their original shapes, stylish legs, beautiful armrests, wide seats, and exquisite detailing are ideal. SLF24 offers a wide range of options for retro-style sofas, allowing you to choose from various colours, upholstery types, and size variants such as two-seaters or three-seaters. Retro sofas fit well in large modern houses, period townhouses, and contemporary flats. They are an excellent choice for those seeking an interior that is timeless, classic, avant-garde, and modest all at once.

Retro sofas for the living room in any size or variation

We offer retro sofas in various versions to suit different needs. If an additional sleeping place is required, a retro sofa bed can fulfil this role perfectly. Furniture inspired by past decades incorporates modern solutions that allow the transformation of a sofa into a comfortable bed within moments. This solution is particularly ideal for small apartments where the living room often serves as a multipurpose space for both living and sleeping. Sofa beds not only look chic but also offer practicality, ensuring that functionality and fashionable appearance need not be sacrificed.