How to arrange a relaxation area in your living room?

How to arrange a relaxation area in your living room?

Each home should have a space where you can rest and relax. For some, the bedroom will be the perfect place to create a relaxation area, others will prefer to have it on their terrace or in their living room. How to arrange a relaxation corner?

Why should we have a relaxation corner in a living room?


A relaxation corner is an area in your day room, which main role is to provide a space to relax. It could be an armchair with a coffee table next to a bookcase or fire place. When designing a relaxation corner in your living room, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind:

  • number of people that will use it,
  • how they like to spend their free time,
  • whether you want to have an additional sleeping space for your guests. 


Additionally, when creating a relaxation corner, we recommend answering these questions about the type of furniture that you’d like to have there. 


What type of furniture you might find useful in your relaxation corner?


When looking for furniture for your living room relaxation area, it’s worth considering these that will be comfortable and functional. To create a relaxation zone in your living room, you might need:

  • a sofa,
  • armchairs,
  • a standing lamp,
  • a rug and an additional blanket,
  • a bookcase. 


Arranging a relaxation corner in your living room


There are plenty of ideas for arranging a relaxation corner in your living room. Very often, the look will depend on the style of your living room, its size and additional interior features, such as a mezzanine or an overlooking gallery. When looking for an inspiration for your project, you could also think about your favourite way to spend free time. 

When looking for day room relaxation corner furniture, it’s good to think about how to make it suit our preferences. For example, if you are creating a relaxation corner for a fan of movies and series, you should have your furniture facing the TV set. 

Creating a relaxation corner in a living room with mezzanine level could be a little bit challenging. Your living room arrangement might not allow you to create a more spacious relaxation corner, but this doesn’t have to be a problem. In a situation like that, you could simply buy an additional armchair of a sofa. 

Living room design is a great way to play with colours. In a relaxation corner in a Scandinavian style living room, Kooper or – slightly narrower – Slender armchair would look great next to the window. If you want to have your relaxation area on the mezzanine level, it might be a bit trickier to bring armchairs there, but we have a solution. Instead of armchairs, you could have a pouf with or without a backrest. Flair or Baron poufs would be ideal here. 


Relaxation corner in a loft style living room with an overlooking gallery


A relaxation corner on an overlooking gallery is a specific place to arrange. A corner sofa or a modular sofa would be ideal for such spaces. Placing a longer bookcase next to it will allow you to create a home reading corner. If you add a coffee table and a few cushions to sit on, you will create an unconventional and cosy space for reading. Arranging a loft style living room with an overlooking gallery often makes you think more creatively. It allows you to experiment and look for new and functional solutions. 

Living room relaxation corner ideas


When arranging a relaxation corner in your living room, it’s worth to also think about your youngest family members. How to create a little corner in your living room for your kids without spoiling the room arrangement with unsuitable elements? One of the options is to have a rug with a fairy-tale theme, but in the same tone as other features in your living room. You could also have a small shelving unit with foldable toy boxes. Our last recommendation is to create in your living room a mobile space for your little ones. 

There are as many relaxation corner ideas, as there are people who arrange their living room space. It all depends on our creativity and the style of our day room. A corner for a fan of TV series and films should have a comfortable sofa and a TV set. For a bookworm’s corner, you should think of a coffee table, a bookcase, a soft rug and a comfortable armchair. If you want to create something for fans of board games, then you will need a shelving unit for all the different games and a bigger table to play on. Colista or Icon pouf would work great in such a relaxation corner – they are comfortable and upholstered with fabrics in vivid and intense colours. If you need your living room corner to also function as a sleeping space for your guests, we recommend choosing a corner sofa or a sofa bed, for example Ludo, Swift or Flic