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Chesterfield Chairs

Chesterfield armchairs, with their classic design, are an ideal choice for both living rooms and offices. It is widely believed that it was the Earl of Chesterfield who aimed to create furniture that was not only comfortable but also beautifully presented in a room. These armchairs, adorned with button quilting detailing and featuring wide scrolled armrests on high legs, exude an elegant and timeless character. We offer a wide selection of Chesterfield-style armchairs that will captivate you with their appearance and the comfort they provide.

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7 Items

Comfortable chesterfield armchairs

A comfortable Chesterfield armchair can serve as a distinguished focal point in any living room, study, or reading nook. If you're seeking a stylish yet comfortable piece of furniture in an elegant style, a button armchair is an excellent choice. Inspired by timeless British aristocracy, these armchairs boast a specially shaped body with rounded wide armrests and deep quilting topped with button accents. The spacious seat and backrest, adorned with distinctive quilting and buttons, allows you to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or your favourite beverage. The carefully selected filling ensures incredible comfort that won’t disappoint.

One factor contributing to the comfort of Chesterfield armchairs is the upholstery material. While classic British-style armchairs often feature leather upholstery, it doesn't mean you're limited to just one type of material. Our modern vegan leather fabric adds elegance to the furniture while being durable and easy to clean. However, you can also opt for a more modern look by choosing a different fabric, such as a soft velvet or a wool-like cosy fabric, for your Chesterfield armchair. Velvets are particularly popular as they have a soft pile that changes shades depending on the angle of light, which works beautifully with the folds and pleats of the quilting and buttoning, adding to its distinct character. Chesterfield armchairs are typically supported by high legs, making it easy for cleaning underneath, especially with robot vacuums. Depending on your interior style, you can choose light or dark tones for the wooden legs.

Upholstered armchairs for a variety of interior styles

Chesterfield armchairs suit a variety of interiors, thanks to their timeless look. In a traditional setting, they complement the room's style while adding a refined touch. The impeccable elegance of classic style resonates with individuals who appreciate elegance and sophistication, just as much now, as it did 300 years ago in the stately homes and gentlemen’s clubs, where they symbolised luxury and refinement.

Due to the classic design of these armchairs, it means they offer versatility in other interior styles too. If you want to soften the austerity of an industrial interior, a Chesterfield armchair can add warmth and cosiness. Combining a chesterfield armchair with a simple bookcase and a thick wool rug, creates a pleasant reading corner where you can settle in with an engaging book. In a deep button quilted armchair, you and your friends can comfortably enjoy socialising with a cup of hot tea or watching your favourite film whilst enjoying a glass of wine together. Even in a loft setting, a traditional design armchair can complement the setting well, especially when placed against a contrasting brick wall, creating a perfect combination.

Chesterfield armchairs aren't limited to traditional-style interiors. If you prefer an eclectic approach, you can successfully combine a single armchair with modern furniture. Minimalism can take many forms, and it doesn't necessarily mean giving up decorative accents. By choosing one distinctive element, such as a classic-style armchair, you can add character to a contemporary setting.

With the Chesterfield armchair, you don't need much to create a tasteful interior. It adds the finishing touch to an interior that will delight everyone. There is a reason that this style of furniture has remained fashionable for years, it is a timeless design, and therefore a go to for any interior aficionado. We at SLF24 offer a wide selection of Chesterfield armchairs at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect model. The ability to choose the upholstery, fabric colour, and legs, means it is easy to find the perfect armchair to match the rest of your decor in your home or business.