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Cosiness 5ft Pocket 1000 Memory Foam King Mattress


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Cosiness 5ft Pocket 1000 Memory Foam King Mattress

Product description

The Cosiness hybrid mattress is a fusion of breathable Coolmax technology with pressure relief Neuform memory foam. This hybrid mattress has the added feature of 1000 individual body reactive pocket springs for even individual support and comfort throughout the entire mattress. This is an easy care no-flip mattress with removeable washable cover with Coolmax technology for a cooler nights sleep. Sustainability and recycling are paramount to a cleaner, healthier environment, which is why we have developed our innovative Ecofoam. The science behind this product is a unique material made from 100% recycled and re-engineered foam, resulting in a much ‘greener’ product and with a reduced carbon footprint.

Ecofoam is resilient and durable, naturally dust mite resistant and ideal for use in mattresses offering excellent body support and comfort. This mattress carries a low carbon footprint and is vacum rolled for your convenience, easy on transport and the envioroment All SLF24 mattresses are designed to be recyclable at the end of their life. Mattresses have the ability to be broken down into components that can be recycled and reused, rather than going into landfill.

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Product features

  • A fusion of Coolmax technology with Neuform memory foam and body reactive 1000 pocket prings for a cool, comfortable and supportative nights sleep
  • Top layer of pressure releiving Neufrom memory foam
  • Designed with environmentally friendly Ecofoam
  • Easy care removable and washable cover with Coolmax technology designed to prevent overheating resulting in a cooler nights sleep
  • Vacum rolled mattress for your convenience easy access to your room of choice and reduced carbon footprint for delivery


29 kg
150 cm
20 cm
200 cm
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Package Dimensions

Package 1
Package 1 Width
43 cm
Package 1 Height
155 cm
Package 1 Depth
43 cm
Package 1 Weight
29 kg
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