How to find the most suitable armchair for your sofa?

How to find the most suitable armchair for your sofa?

Choosing the right sofa and armchair often becomes a challenge. What should you consider? Which ones to choose, so the whole arrangement stays coherent and looks beautiful? How to find the right armchairs to match a sofa that you already have in your living room?

Find best furniture to go with the style of your flat


Living room sofas and armchairs should be comfortable and have the right dimensions. When looking for the best ones, it’s worth thinking a little bit about the style. For a Scandinavian style living room, slender armchairs would be ideal (for example, Tego). If you have a living room in Scandinavian style with a fire place, we recommend a wingback chair with or without a footstool, for instance Ducon Malmo or Ducon Velvet. 

Finding sofas and armchairs for your living room can become a real pleasure. When looking for a living room armchair, you can play around with patterns, colours and different types of upholstery fabrics. For a living room in retro style or one that combines various styles, you can go for armchairs with stitching or quilting. Models such as Fox or Ducon Velvet would look great in such a living room. Their vivid and intense colours will become a distinctive feature in a day room with bright walls. A sofa with an armchair upholstered with dark, velvet fabric would look stunning in a living room with darker walls. 

How to match armchairs to a sofa that you already have in your living room?


Living room sofas are pieces of furniture that should not only look great, but also be comfortable and ensure an enjoyable rest. An armchair placed next to the sofa should allow you to “sink” into it with a cup of tea or coffee and just relax, almost without thinking. Magnus armchair is one of pieces that would fit that description. It looks beautiful, is comfortable and its wide seat allows you to sit and relax well. 

When choosing an armchair to go with the sofa that you already bought, it’s worth looking for models that have the same or similar upholstery fabric colour. This could be trickier if you bought your living room sofa a while ago and the specific collection line is not manufactured anymore. What should you do in such a case? 

When choosing living rooms sofas and armchairs, you could play around with various styles. If your sofa is in the glam style, you could try choosing retro or vintage armchairs to go with it. Chesterfield armchairs are beautiful models in this style. Chesterfield Max Wood in dark brown, upholstered with leather fabric, is so versatile that it would look ideal in any living room. It would become a stunning addition for both retro and modern living rooms. 


Trendy armchairs to go with your sofa


A living room sofa that you want to renovate a little bit could become a completely new piece of furniture. You could simply change the upholstery fabric or buy a quilt with a unique pattern. That could also make buying armchairs easier. 

Sofas and armchairs are great pieces of furniture for a day room or your teenager’s bedroom. When looking for an armchair for their bedroom, we recommend going for the most fashionable models in any current collections. You could consider armchairs in unique and vivid colours, such as Coco or Opus Velvet

Armchairs with unique finish are also a fashionable choice to match your sofa. Think of features such as: black metal legs, wooden armrest, cushions on the seat or quilted backrest. It’s worth keeping in mind that living room sofas and armchairs should have backrests of a similar height. Additionally, the sofa should be a larger piece of furniture.


Different patterns and colours of armchairs to go with your sofa – various arrangements


When looking for armchairs to go with your sofa, you could go big and choose an armchair in an unconventional shape. For a modern living room with walls in black or another very dark colour, Dillon Velvet upholstered with light-blue fabric would be a great choice. 

Living room sofas and armchairs upholstered in colourful fabrics could have a shade that’s in contrast to the rest of the room. Such an armchair would look great in a day room in retro style or one that combines various styles. It’s worth keeping in mind that such an option doesn’t have to look chaotic or mismatched. If this is your desired effect, your living room sofas and armchairs will become an eye-catching feature. Which armchair models should you go for? We recommend various armchairs depending on the style of your room:

  • Chesterfield Modern Wood and Chesterfield Grand will be ideal for arrangements in classic style, such as English or retro,
  • Hollins and Malmo wingback chairs would be great for Scandinavian living rooms with a fire place