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Quilted sofas – which model to choose for your living room?

Quilted sofas – which model to choose for your living room?

Someone said to us once that buying a sofa for your living room is a subject that we could talk about endlessly. It is a never ending story that, although it is interesting, can also be a bit confusing. When decorating our day room, we focus on the comfort zone that should be exceptional in every aspect. A comfortable sofa is the most important piece of furniture in this room and it is essential that you consider everything carefully when buying one. 

Quilted sofas – this is what we want to write about today, introducing some of your and our favourite models. From listening to our customers, we know how much you like quilted furniture and how eager you are to buy it. For you, they are a symbol of elegance and great taste. Their unique form and attention to detail allows you to create stylish arrangements. 

A quilted sofa works well in retro-style interiors. When you hear words “quilted sofa”, Chesterfield model comes to mind immediately. It’s no surprise because it is a flagship model among this type of sofas. Bold features help to emphasise room’s character. Retro style – when it comes to furniture - is associated with vivid colours, interesting shapes and originality. A sofa with quilting on the seat and backrest will be a perfect piece of furniture for this style of interior design. 

However, modern and classic styles could also be a great match for Chesterfield-type sofas and other models. With unique patterns, we could create a tasteful modern living room that is also full of character. It is worth remembering, though, that there is more to quilted sofas than just Chesterfield models. We could also consider classic sofas that have either just a bit of quilting on the backrest, or include quilted seat and armrests. 


Which quilted sofas we recommend at our store?

Bont 3-seater sofa – a classic sofa with quilted backrest, simple armrests and loose seat. A beautiful piece of furniture that delights with its simple, but at the same time elegant form. Available in four interesting colours. 


Chester chaise lounge sofa – a chaise lounge sofa is a piece of furniture that is not as well-known as sofas or corner sofas. We keep hearing that you are afraid of using them in your rooms because you think that it is a type of furniture that needs the right “environment” in the living room. Its shape resembles a wave, which creates an incredible effect. It is not easy to choose matching accessories for such a sofa, as this piece of furniture will become the centrepiece of your home in itself.


Harto 2-seater sofa – if you dream of having something truly unique in your living room, then this model will definitely be admired by all family members and guests. This comfortable, quilted sofa in a very interesting form will work well in modern living room or day room in retro style. Generous colour scheme for this model will allow you to create a beautiful space for relaxing and spending time with your family and friends. A velour sofa is a good choice for any living room. 


Velocity corner sofa bed – a classic corner sofa with gentle quilting on the seat and backrest. It is a very functional and at the same time stylish piece of furniture, always worth having in your living room. During the day, it will be perfect for watching TV, while at night it becomes a comfortable sleeping space. If you need a corner sofa that will be used as a bed every night, then go ahead and choose this model as it is very comfortable and the added storage for bedding guarantees that you can easily store your duvet and pillows. We also want to add that the unfolding mechanism is very quiet and easy for everyday use. 


Choosing the sofa for your living room means spending many hours searching for the right model that will fulfil all your expectations. We all want to create a relaxing zone that will be special in every aspect. A comfortable and functional sofa is within your reach when you visit our store. As an extra bonus, you can choose from our quilted sofas that are fashionable and offer plenty of opportunities when it comes to creating interior that showcases your great taste.

Remember that quilted sofas really are fantastic pieces of furniture. You shouldn’t be afraid of choosing them, doubting whether they will look nice in your room. These sofas will definitely become a showpiece of your living room, ensuring not only comfort of use, but also increasing aesthetic values.