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Wingback Chairs

The wingback armchair is a piece of furniture with a timeless look. Its wide, soft seat and high backrest ensure comfort and good support.

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14 Items

We are committed to offering a diverse range of furniture, creating pieces that are not just practical but also elegant, which gives you the opportunity to create a cosy interior for the whole family. Wingback armchairs are still extremely popular for their eye-catching appearance and, above all, comfort. When choosing an occasional chair for your home you want it to be a feature in your room and be the go-to place for relaxation. 

Modern armchairs for the living room

A lounge armchair is undoubtedly a piece of furniture which is ideally seen in every living room or home library. This is exactly what the wingback armchair is designed for. Its ergonomic shape has been designed to provide maximum comfort to everyone who sits on it. The wide headrest and high backrest adjust to your spine, allowing you to literally sink into the armchair and enjoy blissful relaxation. The armrests not only act as a support for your arms, but also add to the feeling of envelopment.

The wingback armchair is the perfect furniture piece to create a reading corner in your living room. You can sit in it and spend hours reading your favourite book without worrying that after a while it'll become uncomfortable. When we design our wingback chairs, we make sure they're made from the highest quality materials. That's why they're so comfortable and durable, lasting for many, many years. 

And for the ultimate in relaxation, you may want to consider a chair with a footrest, so you can put your feet up comfortably. What else makes this kind of armchair so popular? They neatly fit into most spaces, even a small interior often has a corner that needs rejuvenating, and the distinctive shape, fashionable upholstery and wooden legs means this lounge chair is a perfect fit. The wingback armchair will suit any area and that is why it is one of the most frequently seen pieces of furniture in contemporary interiors. The upholstered armchair will fit perfectly into Scandinavian interiors, but it will also find its place in modern and classic styles too. 

Velvet is still the fabric of choice for most customers as it looks sophisticated and elegant in any interior. This popular fabric can be placed in the living room, guest room, bedroom, and even in the office. It will emphasize the style and character of the interior, and most of all it will allow to create a comfortable zone. Velvet is very easy to keep it clean and its high abrasion resistance guarantees its longevity. What’s more, the velvet wingback chair is a timeless solution because it perfectly suits a variety of styles such as contemporary, classical and Scandinavian interiors, especially when combined with the natural colour of wood. Soft and pleasant to the touch, velvet will give your interior a cosy character, additionally enhancing the comfort. Relax in your single velvet armchair or buy a matching pair and create a couples relaxation zone. 

The wingback chair for breastfeeding - comfort for mother and child

Our Scandinavian style wingback chair with its form and size is great for nursing mums. The well profiled backrest, soft and high armrests guarantee a comfortable seat for the mother, which therefore creates a calm and relaxed place to feed the baby. The soft-touch upholstery fabric allows a relaxing and tactile environment to be able to focus on what is most important in the moment, namely the closeness of the mother and the child. If you are decorating the nursery or you want to give a welcome present to the new parents, a feeding chair for mum will be a perfect addition to the baby's room. 

Choosing a wingback feeding chair together with a matching footstool, will provide the mother with next level comfort, because it allows her to achieve a semi-reclining position, invaluable when during the early stages, often more time is spent in the baby’s room then her own bedroom. Reading feedback from satisfied customers, the wingback chair is one of the indispensable pieces of furniture for every mother with a child.

When the baby gets older, then why not consider our mini chair, designed specifically for a small child, so they can feel as important as you do when you sit in your comfy upholstered armchair. Kids' wingback chairs are made from the same fabric as the standard armchairs, so you can match and allow them their own special and unique space. It can become a super cute addition to your living room or your child's room. This armchair is perfect for reading books, but also for watching tv and playing games. Most importantly, your child will be able to feel special and that their comfort is as important to you as your own.

The history of the wingback armchair

Although the wingback chair is seen in modern homes today, it originated in the fifteenth century when it was made in wood and didn’t have the comfort of padding and upholstery that we see in the models nowadays. The wingback chair was originally invented as a way to shelter from drafts in uninsulated houses.  The wingtips were pronounced in order to stop the breeze from getting to your ears and neck. The high back and sides cocooned the user and was usually placed in front of an open fire for further warmth. In later years, they became popular in upmarket gentleman’s clubs to give privacy and shield the gentry from prying eyes when important matters were being discussed. Luckily in todays modern world, we don’t need to worry as much about drafty homes and creating privacy screening, but they still have a use and are as popular as ever.