Every product on our website has an estimated shipment and delivery time. Shipment of your order begins after it is dispatched to a courier company. Below you will find information regarding the entire process of delivering your goods, from placing the order up to its delivery to your home. Additionally, you can find out how long it will take for your package to arrive at your place after it is forwarded to our partner.

Delivery areas

Orders & Delivery Timetable For 2018

Orders placed between:

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Delivery costs

The delivery costs are stated per single unit. Delivery times are provided on every product sheet. The table below contains detailed information regarding delivery costs:

Per Item: Delivery charge:
Corner Sofa £59
3 Seater Sofa £39-£59
2 Seater Sofa £39-£59
Chair Sofa £39-£59
Footstool £15
Bed Frame £15-£39
Dining Chair £15
Armchair £15-£39
Important delivery information
We deliver only to a ground floor. We use only one person for delivery (extra help required if delivery for above ground floor).

If you require delivery to another floor, please ask our driver (it is up to him if he can help, depending of his time available)

Extra charge applies if is for above ground floor (£5-£10)

On the day of delivery, please ensure that there is vehicular access to the property and that the carrier has clear and easy access into the room that the goods are to be delivered into. It is your responsibility to check dimensions, and to ensure that the furniture will fit comfortably into the chosen room.

If the sofas do not fit in your home you will be charged for the delivery fee, however we will take the sofas back and NOT leave them on your doorstep.The delivery charge is passed on to an independent company so if the sofas do not fit or are returned the delivery charge cannot be refunded.

Please note that we are unable to take away your old furniture.

Frequently asked questions

What if I am not at home on the day of the planned delivery?
We co-operate with several courier companies. Carriers always contact our customers close to the delivery time. You will be presented with information on the delivery so that you can plan your day to be able to accept the delivery. If the courier knocks or rings at your door and there is no-one at home, the delivery is returned to our warehouse. You will have to contact us again in order to arrange a new delivery date. Remember also that you will be charged for the additional re-delivery costs. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully plan the delivery time with the courier. If you are not home, you can ask your neighbour to do you a favour and take delivery of your goods. Do not let your delivery wait too long. Enjoy your purchased product as soon as you can and start thinking of further purchases at our store.
Can I change the delivery address?
Of course, you can. Contact us, and we will change your delivery address. You need to do this a day before we ship the package. If the goods are already on their way to you and you do not have the possibility of changing the delivery address, you will most likely be required to once again prepare for the shipment of goods, as the package will be returned to our warehouse.
Is there any possibility of contacting the carrier?
There is no need for this. After we send your order to the courier service provider, the courier will contact you to give you detailed information on the planned delivery time. You will also be able to regularly check the status of your order.