What eco leather sofa should I choose for my living room?

What eco leather sofa should I choose for my living room?

Living room is the heart of your home. When arranging this space, it is worth to think carefully how to make sure that it becomes a beautiful showpiece of your whole house, or apartment. In this blog entry we will give you some tips on how to choose a sofa in eco leather, if this is a sofa that you dream of having. 

Eco leather – it used to be very much in fashion and almost everyone wanted to have an eco leather sofa in their home. It was a symbol of high class, elegance and wealth. Today, faux leather furniture has made its way back to the furniture stores and believe us when we say that it is very popular. This fabric has got a lot of assets, and the most important one is that the it is incredibly practical in terms of keeping it clean. No one can deny that an eco leather imitation fabric is easy to clean with water or with upholstery cleaning products. Another advantage is timelessness – eco leather sofas have always been, are and will be in fashion. Below we present some of our sofa and corner sofa models, all made in this fabric. We’ve chosen the ones that are most popular and those that we think are worth checking out. 


Some suggestions of eco leather sofas, which you will find in our store

Plia 3-seater sofa – large sofa with delicate, wooden legs. It is elegant, but very classic and simple in its shape and form. It is upholstered with faux leather, which adds plenty of character and allows you to create an unconventional arrangement. A 3-seater model of this sofa will work great in a large living room, but if you have a smaller sitting room you can also buy the same model as a 2-seater version.


Shout 2-seater sofa – small sofa made of leather imitation. It is simple in its form and practical. The quality and features of the fabric mean that it will work great in places where the sofa is at risk of getting dirty, for example in a waiting room or in an office. We also have this model available as a 3-seater and as a comfortable armchair.


Enigma corner sofa – very comfortable corner sofa, upholstered with eco leather. It is simple in its form, meaning that you can easily use it to create a cosy and warm arrangement, which is also practical and unique at the same time. Dark colours are not the only ones that this model is available in. You can also find fabric for this model in beige or in rich red.


Grace 3-seater sofa – a subtle piece of furniture, which is elevated on metal legs. It would work great, for example, in doctor’s surgeries or offices. The sofa is upholstered with eco leather fabric, which is ideal for this type of places. 


Hobby 2-seater sofaan elegant, but at the same time classic piece of furniture. Hobby sofa is a universal piece of furniture: it would be a great match for both small and large interiors, and will work well in both day room and an office. The fabric is a very easy to clean eco leather, which means that you can keep this sofa in its immaculate condition with no problems.  

Eco leather sofas are very popular in our store. Our customers choose models that will not only meet their own expectations, but also those of their families. They want to create not only stylish, but also functional living room or study. In our store you will find various models of sofas, corner sofas and armchairs, all available in trendy fabrics and unique colours.