What sofa to choose for a room in industrial design?

What sofa to choose for a room in industrial design?

Industrial style has its origins in the 1950s in the United States. It wasn’t born out of the need to create something new and unique, but rather out of necessity. Why was it necessary then? Empty factories and industrial premises had to be rearranged. No one believed then that it would be a beginning of something that today is a symbol of high class and minimalism. 


What are the characteristics of industrial style?

Industrial style brings to mind space, loft-style interiors and large windows. High ceilings, mezzanines, ascetic design. We could add more to it, but let’s focus on those fundamental characteristics, which are also the most important ones. 

Let’s start with minimalism, which is the basic feature of arrangement in industrial style. We shouldn’t go overboard with decorations, windows should be left without curtains, and even more so without lace curtains. Large space plays here the most important part and its not worth to limit it by adding unnecessary bookcase, chest of drawers or other gadgets.

If we go for any accessories, they should be neutral – they shouldn’t dominate. It is best to go for tall lamps in black or golden colours. Copper colour and brick red are also in fashion and that’s why in industrial living rooms the electrical installation and plumbing are very often visible – pipes and tubes emphasise the raw character of the room. Brick walls are also a frequent feature – you only need to impregnate it and it becomes a decorative element.

We also want to mention a feeling of freedom that most people talk about when they arrange industrial interiors. Here the space is not divided into kitchen, living room, day room or home office. Everything is open space and erecting partition walls or dividing the space in other ways is strictly prohibited here as it would only spoil the whole harmony and character of this type of design. 

Let’s move to the point that is the most important for us: furniture in industrial style. The range available in our store is so wide that you won’t have a problem to choose something for an interior designed in industrial style. Comfortable sofas in industrial style and larger corner sofas will look beautiful in such spacious rooms. 


Which sofas and corner sofas will be a good match for interiors in industrial style?

Industrial interiors have their own rights. They don’t go with modern furniture that is over-engineered and in light colours. 3-seater sofas in industrial style could partially fill the huge space in the living room. Customers will very often choose living room sets, for example: 3- and 2-seater sofas plus a comfortable armchair. Others try to fill the space with just a corner sofa. It is important that the corner sofa is big and upholstered in grey or black fabric. We don’t recommend playing with colours here as it could spoil the harmony of this type of space. Grey sofas, grey corner sofas and armchair – these is ideal furniture for industrial style

We have for you a few suggestions of sofas and corner sofas that will match industrial style. 

Mirage 3-seater sofa – it is our number one when it comes to choosing a sofa for an industrial living room. It is simple, but some stitching on the backrest and stylishly decorative cushions have a big impact and give the sofa a unique feel. The fabric is available in colours such as grey, brown and green. You could also create a set by adding a 2-seater sofa or an armchair. 



Plia 2-seater sofa – at first glance it is a simple, classic sofa. However, when you look closer, you will notice unique fabric which will make Plia 2-seater sofa a great match for an industrial arrangement. Wooden legs gently elevate the whole frame of this piece, while the colour scheme allows you to choose something truly neutral and low-key. 



Belle corner sofa a large corner sofa, which is a great choice for really spacious rooms. It is very comfortable and unique in its form. The backrest is made of soft cushions. They not only look original but also make you see straight away how comfortable they are to use. The colour scheme is very dark and low-key, which will make it easier to choose the right tone for industrial interior. 



Storm 3-seater sofa - Storm grey sofa will work great in minimalist interiors. Big, soft seat and backrest cushions guarantee comfort. Unique pattern on the fabric suggest that the sofa is designed in vintage style



Chester chaise lounge sofa – it is unique and will certainly allow you to design your room with class and style. The colour scheme is perfect for industrial interiors and will make Chester chaise lounge sofa an ideal match for this style. You could also consider choosing something from Chesterfield line and buying a 3-seater of a 2-seater sofa from the same line to create a large, comfortable living room set. Stylish quilting and elegant fabric – it could be the perfect choice.