1. Sofas and armchairs 2020. New offers for spring / summer 2020.

    Sofas and armchairs 2020. New offers for spring / summer 2020.

    The weather is spoiling us all. Spring and summer are our and your favourite seasons. Not only because of the weather. We also feel much better when the sun shines outside the window. We feel energetic, we want to change the space around us. We renovate rooms, change furniture arrangement and replace an old sofa with a new model. All this in order to refresh the room and to be able to enjoy every moment spent in it.

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  2. Sofas’ colours – best trends for 2020

    Sofas’ colours – best trends for 2020

    2020 is here and we have a feeling that it’s going to be a special year. We’ve started working on all the new products and you will see them very soon on our website under brand new categories. Today however, we’ve decided to talk about products that will be popular this year and that our customers will be buying most often. Colourful sofas are still one of your favourite topics and they are one of most popular items in our store. 

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  3. Mustard sofa

    Mustard sofas – how to accessorise them?

    A few years ago no one would guess that colourful sofas are going to become so popular among our customers. Back then, blue, red or honey were the colours meant for accessories, such as cushions or curtains. Customers were most likely to buy grey or bottle green sofas, while mustard sofas were not such a popular choice. We think that the reason behind it was probably that people were used to low-key colours as they have always been the obvious choice and worked in any room and any style of interior design.

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  4. Sofas on metal legs

    Sofas on metal legs – and interiors that go well with them

    A living room sofa is a centrepiece of your whole home. It should not only be comfortable, but also presentable, becoming a showpiece for the whole living room. Recently, sofas on metal legs have become very fashionable. They are really stylish and allow you to create an arrangement that is delicate and easy on the eyes. 

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  5. reception room sofa

    A sofa for a waiting or reception room. What product to choose?

    A stylish and comfortable sofa is a very important element of your workplace. It is a showpiece of the office and of the company as a whole. It has to be comfortable, but also needs to be presentable. Stylish upholstery fabric, interesting shape, as well as the right colour are the most important aspects to consider when buying such a sofa. If you need to choose a sofa for your office or waiting room, then read our blog entry where we give you tips on which furniture to choose. 

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