A sofa for a waiting or reception room. What product to choose?

reception room sofa

A stylish and comfortable sofa is a very important element of your workplace. It is a showpiece of the office and of the company as a whole. It has to be comfortable, but also needs to be presentable. Stylish upholstery fabric, interesting shape, as well as the right colour are the most important aspects to consider when buying such a sofa. If you need to choose a sofa for your office or waiting room, then read our blog entry where we give you tips on which furniture to choose. 

Durable fabric guarantees that you will be able to use the sofa for many years to come

Quality and texture of the fabric are probably the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a sofa for a waiting room. It has to have a high class of abrasiveness and should above all be easy to keep clean. Offices and waiting rooms need furniture that is strong and durable, as the fact that the sofas are used all day everyday means that they are more prone to getting dirty. 

A perfect solution here is choosing an eco leather sofa.

Shout 3-seater sofa – comfortable and made from easy to keep clean fabric. A simple shape of this sofa means that it would work well in any office or waiting room space.


Grace 2-seater sofa – trendy, stylish and at the same time simple in its form. Grace sofa is very popular when it comes to choosing a waiting room or a reception room sofa. It is upholstered with eco leather fabric, which is easy to keep clean.


All eco leather sofas are very easy to clean. You just need a special upholstery cleaning product and lukewarm water. 


Glamour or classis style sofas – how to match them with the interior of your office?

Classic and Scandinavian style sofas are a great match for doctor’s surgeries. They are simple in their form, while the colour scheme is often within the tones of warm pastels: shades of beige and grey. These sofas are also a fantastic option for architect studios or reception rooms.

For beauty salons, retro style sofas are an excellent option. Their distinctive shape and stylish quilting emphasise the character of the room and give it a feeling of elegance and style.

Chesterfield 3-seater sofa – a perfect sofa for a glamour interior. Bold quilting, velour upholstery fabric – all of those features guarantee that a room with this sofa will become elegant and very fashionable.


Magnus 2-seater sofa – a comfortable and very classic sofa, which will transform any office or waiting room space. 


Choosing the right sofa for an office depends on many factors, for example the company’s sector and the most important aspects for you when arranging your workplace. A sofa and an armchair are essential pieces of furniture in any office or reception room, but choosing them is not an easy task. In our offer you will not only find practical sofas, but you will also be able to choose comfortable upholstered armchairs from the same line.