1. Boho Christmas

    Boho Christmas – what is boho style and what does it look like?

    Most people imagine boho style as something that allows you to freely match various fabrics and patterns. Think of a unique style where modern furniture stands next to antique accessories and together they create a perfect match. You could definitely say that boho style allows you to unleash your creativity. 

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  2. Red sofa

    Top 5 Red Sofas

    If you value bold rooms with plenty of character, then it might be time to consider buying a sofa or a corner sofa in red. This colour will add a unique touch to your room and emphasise its character and style. With a red sofa, you will create a room that will become the heart of your home and that will be admired by everyone. Sofas in this colour have become a symbol of class and elegance in recent years. 

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  3. Festive living room

    Festive living room – how to make sure that your day room is ready for Christmas?

    Everyone wants to experience a nice, cosy and truly festive atmosphere at home at Christmas time. We look for unique decorations, we want to make a few changes in our day room and we might consider, for example, changing a sofa or buying new chairs for our dining room or kitchen. 

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